Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Eureka wait day 1:

With the shower and ice machine calling I rode up to the Ksanka motor inn. After a trip to the supermarket for food for two days, I sat on the bed, watched 'Ellen' on tv, and tried to ice my knees down. After a while I realised that my knees were not really swollen, so the icing stopped and I spent most of the day washing and preparing.

Eureka wait day 2:

After another strenous day of tv watching, my knees were beginning to stiffen up. Some GDR racers rolled in and told me they were headed to the same pizza place I had eaten in for the past two nights. I passed, got a quick meal at the restaurant just north of the motel, then rode down to join them. The guys were very welcoming, but we didn’t talk for long- all the guys had ridden down from Banff or up from Whitefish.

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