Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 13- Lynx Pass to Dillon 92.2 miles

Only a few cars passed me during the night and I awoke with each one. Setting off in the early light, I was feeling good due to the easy two previous days. I did stop to take off my shoes and socks to cross a small creek, probably worth the time as it was a cool morning. The trail to Radium was rocky and rolly but quite enjoyable, and I again encountered what I considered to be the greatest threat to a Great Divide Racer-cows.

Radium and the Colorado River

 On one ascent, steep uphill and downhill slopes on both sides of the road meant that the cows I frightened stampeded up the road and over a cattleguard. I immediately realized what was going to happen and stopped, but they kept on going, a few made it over the grate, but a couple got legs caught and almost broke them off in their scramble.

It was warming up by the time I started the climb up to Inspiration Point and over the Watershed. It’s a steep climb, but funnily enough, the views are great. The descent is even better and the road on its way to being turned into asphalt. No hot meal since yesterday lunchtime so I rode the couple of miles into Kremmling. It seemed a pretty barren place, the town is of a decent size but ringed by brown mountains. There is a yellow Mexican place on the corner of the main street that I would recommend. Unlimited corn chips (the real ones), water and sprite, and some fantastic enchiladas proved to be my best mexican meal for the whole trip.

Dry and dusty seemed to be on the menu for the rest of the day as I began the long climb up to Ute Pass. Passing Williams Fork Reservoir cooled the breeze and I stopped at the payphone on the southern side, but the whole thing was missing.

I was pretty bored, but moving well along the ten miles before the steeper parts of the climb to Ute Pass. I decicded to put some power down when I passed the dam and sirens went off and a voice came over the loudspeaker- something about venting? A dark storm began to roll in as I reached the steeper, paved end of the climb. I stopped on the southern side of the pass to put a jacket on and get something to eat and had to dance the mosquito jig for a few minutes. The descent is paved and steep, but as always too short.

Over Ute Pass

Along the flat towards Silverthorne, I felt pretty sick in the stomach and a headwind didn’t help. Even though it was paved, flat and only ten miles it seemed like an eternity.

It was late afternoon even though Silverthorne is a large tourist town, a lot of the shops were beginning to close. First priority was a bike shop to replace my full cable routing on the rear with normal routing so I could hopefully get all my cogs back. After asking a couple of people and at a skate shop, I found Mountain Sports Outlet, the biggest bike store I found along the whole trail. After waiting 45 minutes, I chatted to the mech as he did the cables.

Another recommendable restaurant is the Brewery at Dillon. It was packed and the beer was good. I scrubbed up as best I could by putting my black rain pants and long sleeve top on- I must have stunk though. As I was leaving, a guy asked me if I was doing the GDR, suprising considering that no one previously had any idea about the race. He was following someone but I cant remember who. He pointed me to the Safeway where I called in to report and called the outside world for the third time (Retro- I picked up that other racers were  calling friends and family almost everyday to get updates of their position and the status of the trail ahead). I was very surprised to hear I was in fourth after PBasinger pulling out, especially considering the easy previous days I had had. I then tried to call the motels in Brekenridge to see if there would be a place open at 11, but I couldn’t get through anywhere. After gathering some supplies and gas relieving (seemed to be the pain I was having over the previous few days was gas related) tablets, I found a motel in Dillon where the nice Polish guy gave me a discount after I stumbled through some basic Polish (and motel operators seem to prefer dirty bikers, and their bikes, in their rooms as they apparently don’t get drunk, sleep early and leave early).

I again gorged myself whilst watching tv, stretching and massaging and thinking up another line that I was going to say next time I called in but didn’t: on Rick Hunter being only 50 miles (Retro- he was more than this) ahead according to my Dad: “Looks like the ‘Hunter’ is about to become the ‘Hunted’”. I always seem to take 2 more hours to get into bed when I stay in motels compared to sleeping out, but I always feel better in the morning.

2007-06-28 02:32:40 GMT

Yeah, it's uh, Alex Field. Wednesday, 8:30 at night. I'm in Silverthorne. Not that bad of a day. Managed to, um, do 3,000 vertical. Meters that is. And uh, got caught in a storm, in the afternoon coming over Ute Pass. And uh, yeah, had a little stomach trouble after that. Took me a while to get down the road to Silverthorne. But yeah, so if I can find a place to stay in Breckenridge over the phone right now I'll ride on, otherwise I'll stay here tonight. Alright, thanks, bye.

Audio: GDR Episode 14: 3.03-3.50

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